2019 Fall Fashion Trends

I find that, when I talk about Fall Fashion Trends, there are two camps of people.  The ones who say yyyyaaayyyy!!  And the ones who say…uuuggghhhh!

Which ever camp you fit into is okay by me.  I just like to share the fashion trends, as a way to spark inspiration when styling your outfits.

Fashion and style is a form of communication, and you are the author of your personal style story.  I’m always here to cheer you on!!  And happy to help when/if you need it. Like a trusted advisor, we can work together to design your perfect personal style story authentically, comfortably, and with ease.

15 Fall Fashion Trends

I’m feeling excited about this seasons fall trends, they are styles that I can immediately incorporate into my Fall Capsule Wardrobe and they feel authentic to my personal style.

Let me know which ones you love.  We can edit, curate, and/or shop for them for your Fall Capsule Wardrobe.  Book with me.

1. Tiny Bags:  This handbag trend is on the playful side, because there is hardly any room for even a cell phone!  However, one could combine a smaller bag with another larger bag – which is also on trend – to be cute and utilitarian.

2. Millennial Purple: Yes, please!  Purple has been my favorite color since I was a teenager.  This season it’s all about adding lavender, iris, or orchid either from head to toe or with accessories.


3. Capes: Super fun outerwear trend.  Designers have been extra creative with the cape trend.  They are styled with belts, in tweeds and over trenches.


4. Feathers: This season we’ll see light-weight feathers finishing necklines, hemlines and softly embellishing shoes and clutches.  Softness is the key.

5. Cinched suits…belts: Belts are having a comeback and they are showing up on many different styled suits.  I love the details that belts bring to an outfit. It feels like icing on the cake.  They come in grommet, chained, leather and even fabric and can take your outfit to the next level.  Style Tip: Belts are one of those items that can be found at thrift or consignment stores in very good condition. I picked up a few awesome belts at Goodwill last month.

6. Satin: A tricky trend. So beautiful for evening and could work for the office if paired with a button-down shirt or blazer.  While I love satin, I am careful not to wear it alone because of its sheen.  I usually pair it with a piece that has some texture.


7. Asymmetric Necklines:  Count me in!  I’ve already purchased a beautiful Reiss asymmetric neckline dress, and plan on wearing it often this season. Ta-da…


8. Renaissance-inspired:  For those of you who prefer a squared neckline, this trend could be for you. Yes, you’ll see big poofy sleeves and mushroom shaped skirts, but designers are also lending a certain couture to their frocks.

9. Super Long Coats:  This is another yes for me.  As a tall and lean women, I feel most comfortable in long silhouettes.  This trend could also extend into sweaters, which I did get at Koze over the summer, when shopping with a friend (thanks Diana!).


10. Statement Hats:  When I first checked out the statement hat trend, I thought the focus was on quirky hats.  As I went a little deeper, I discovered that there are fourteen different hat types on trend! Check them all out here.  I’m definitely excited, now that there are so many varieties to chose from.  I love wearing hats, my favs are baseball caps and newsboy caps.  I tend to veer away from bucket hats and berets.  What are your favs?

11. Quilt/Patchwork:  Hailing from the 70’s, the revival of patchwork has landed with a chic touch.  I’m particularly excited to see this trend, because it could be a stylish avenue for sustainable designers to take when creating their new lines with dead stock fabrics.

12. Fleece:  It was not that long ago, when I said to myself, “It sure would be great if I could wear fleece and look stylish.”  Fleece is by far my comfort cloth of choice.  It’s soft to the touch, warm and cozy.  To date, my fleece pieces have been reserved for camping and hiking – not at all stylish, but very practical.  I realize that if I want to wear this trend, I’m going to have to find something that looks more runway than redwoods. I’ll have to see where my search leads me – I will start sustainably for sure –  and let you know!

13. Plaid: Prep school looks are all the rage, with brightly-colored tartan, argyle sweaters, and plaid trousers.  I love this look, but I  have to find just the right pattern for my personal style.  I do enjoy stying clients in this look though, if it works for them!

14. Gold: Make a statement with metallic knits, taffeta as bright as 24K gold, sparkling gold heels or chunky necklaces.  Anyway you look at it, you will be shining bright!

15. Broad/wide/oversized Shoulder: Wide shoulders and tapered waistlines give these jackets an 80’s era vibe.  While shopping for a client at Bloom Marin, I came across a 100% wool jacket with oversized shoulders.  I’m sure it’s circa 80’s, maybe even the 90’s (because it’s in great condition).  There are a few alterations needed, but it’s right on trend!  Looking forward to wearing it in the cooler months.

As I researched the trends for the season, I learned there are variations depending on the editorial source.  My list comes directly from Elle.com, but I sprinkled in information from other sources as well.  All in all, fashion and style is meant to be fun.
Balance is key.  We all have busy lives, and demands on our time.  Carve out a few hours here and there to create five go-to outfits for your work day.  It will help you get dressed more simply and easily in the morning.

Check out my Instagram post where I worked with Anne for two hours and we curated eight outfits for work and social.  It can be done, it just takes a little prep time.