Conscious Choice Living Podcast

We believe that inspiring families to make sustainable shifts to their daily habits and lifestyle choices will create a better life for themselves, their children, and future generations. 

Welcome to the

Conscious Choice Living community!

We’re excited that you’re interested in exploring eco-conscious living habits that relate to family, home, food, beauty, fashion and travel.  We are thoughtful about your time and pack each 40 minute episode with inspiring stories, ideas for new sustainable habits, and wrap it up with three key take-aways.

“Teach Children to Love Nature.  People Take Care of What They Love.”

– Elizabeth Terwilliger

About the Co-Founders / Co-Hosts:

Jenny Michelle Bailey is mama to Joey and Gabriella and doggie mama to Charley and Chloe.  She became interested in living a conscious lifestyle fourteen years ago, when she and her daughter developed fussy tummies from dairy and gluten products.   Her journey started with reading food labels and learning about food sources.  Which led her to get curious about what was in their cleaning and beauty products.  Needless to say, her enthusiasm for conscious living became a passion.  Today, she loves sharing what she’s learned with the Conscious Choice Living community.

Karen Bannister is mama to Jake and cat mama to Bobo and Baby.  Her conscious lifestyle began when her son was younger — he expressed an interest in recycling and eating healthier.  Their eco-lifestyle journey helped grow her passion for using clean beauty products, advocating for better practices in the fashion industry, and eating a plant-based diet.  Today, she enjoys sharing the benefits of living mindfully with the Conscious Choice Living community.