Jenny Michelle


My passion for all things textiles, color, and style started at a young age.  I would spend hours watching my mom and grandma sew clothes for my two younger brothers and me.  Many of those homemade outfits were worn for our annual family picture at Olan Mills (yes, I’m an 80’s kid)!  

My mom and’s sewing skills rubbed off on me.  I found myself sewing for a variety of high school events.  It was during this time that Elle and Vogue, caught my eye!  It was a special treat when my mom brought home one of the magazines upon returning from the grocery store!

The glossy pages of runway fashion would teleport me to another creative dimension.  I would spend hours devouring each look to come up with ways it could be worn in ‘reality.’ 

It wasn’t always easy to ‘dress differently,’ especially in a sea of sweatshirts and jeans at my preppy high school.  This didn’t stop me from lacing bright turquoise ribbon through self-made holes in a pair of jeans worn on a class field trip to see the Liberty Bell! 

While in college, I traded in my creative endeavors for a serious business experience.  I was the President of the American Marketing Association and earned a Marketing degree at SDSU. After graduation, I had a successful career in Data Communications (Remember the dotcom boom?  Yeah, I was fortunate to work in the middle of the action.  It was an exciting time!). 

Six years in the tech field, with a young son, and a daughter on the way, I craved more flexibility and creativity.  I decided to return to design.  In 2006, I enrolled in the Interior Design & Architecture program at UC Berkeley.  While I miss tech, and the joys of building complex data and voice systems, I’m happy with my decision to design.

With over fourteen years of experience, I’ve had the great pleasure of designing beautiful interior spaces, styling hundreds of women and men in clothing that reflects their values, and raising two amazing humans (one of whom is in college and the other in high school)! 

My life’s journey has taught me the importance of being true to myself.  There were years that I deviated from my core, looking for acceptance and living by unrealistic standards.  I appreciate these experiences, because I gained personal growth and they reinforced my life’s purpose.   

My greatest passion is protecting Mother Earth — she deserves our attention and respect.  As humans, our habits and behaviors are closely related to outcomes.  When we focus on living consciously, shopping minimally, and giving thoughtfully, we have the power to make a positive impact in our lives and for the planet.  It’s a win, win, win!

I originally started working with Jenny because I was told I had a “youthful” look. I needed to step up my professional image. Since working with Jenny, I have received several compliments on my new look. My wardrobe has increased my confidence at work and credibility with clients.

I don’t like shopping. I find it very overwhelming. Matching patterns and putting together outfits has never come easily to me. After working with Jenny, I have a clear idea of what to shop for and why.

Natasha T.

Business Banker

I used to think looking good was a happy accident – and now I realize there is an art and science to it with color, shape (body, neckline, silhouette). In working with Jenny, I now have confidence in knowing what colors work best for my skin tone. And, I never leave the house with my color palette!

Gina D.

Business Owner and Business Coach