Love Notes: Testimonials

I originally started working with Jenny because I was told I had a “youthful” look. I needed to step up my professional image. Since working with Jenny, I have received several compliments on my new look. My wardrobe has increased my confidence at work and credibility with clients.

I don’t like shopping.  I find it very overwhelming.  Matching patterns and putting together outfits has never come easily to me.  After working with Jenny, I have a clear idea of what to shop for and why.

Natasha T.

Business Banker

Jenny has laser focus – she went right to a few items in my closet and asked “what do you wear this with?” and of course, my answer was, “I don’t have a clue of what to wear that with!”  A few things went right into the Goodwill pile, and a few were instantly paired with outfits that I would have never in a million years put together – but instantly loved.  I feel great in the outfits she showed me, and she even tweaked a few of my old stand-by outfits to make them more modern – which is code for “not as frumpy”.  Jenny is a wardrobe wizard.”

Cindy M-W.

Business Owner and Human Resources Professional

I used to think looking good was a happy accident – and now I realize there is an art and science to it with color, shape (body, neckline, silhouette).  In working with Jenny, I now have confidence in knowing what colors work best for my skin tone.  And, I never leave the house with my color palette!

Gina D.

Business Owner and Business Coach

You are professional, positive and inspirational!  Great talking and getting to know you and your fashion style consulting business this morning! 

Otis B.

When I was in court, the opposing party stopped me on the way out of the courtroom to tell me how fabulous I looked.  Also, many people have mentioned to me that the colors you recommended, such as the pink and purple, suit me perfectly.  You might mention that I carry my color wheel everywhere so just in case I get to shop, I can be sure the color fits.

Sylvia S.

Attorney at Law

First, Jenny prompted me to completely clean and semi organize my closet.  It took me all weekend, but there was no way I was going to let her see the mess it had been in for years.

Second, she came to my house completely prepared – so professional with a clothes rack and all her materials.

Third, she figured out the colors that work for me along with the best neck lines and styles and explained it to me in a way that made sense and enabled me to use that information when I go shopping – not my favorite activity, but now it is a lot easier.

Fourth, over the course of several hours, she had me try on combinations of clothes from my own closet that I would have never thought to put together.  I was amazed to see how well they worked and how much better I looked.

Fifth, I was able to go to my conference feeling confident that I was looking my best.  At the end of the conference I met with an old friend who told me that I was looking really good.”

Jean C.

Business Owner and Datacom Management

While I am still not absolutely confident with my color choices with clients, I certainly am more aware of color and how much a difference the correct color can look when it is on the “right” person. To see that person light up is amazing, because even before they look at it, you can just see the difference. Your help was very beneficial with my work with my clients so thank you!

Lisa H.

Independent Consultant for Men’s Fashions

You are amazingly responsive, and you are generous with the information you impart.  You have a keen eye for fashion style and detail, putting together unexpected outfits.

Terrie G.

Business Owner and Notary Public

I wanted to tell you more about the great stylist Richard brought with him. Her full name is Jenny Bailey and she did this for us pro bono to support our work. But in case you ever need a stylist, both Kim and Barbara were really pleased with what she did and you see the incredible outcome. So if you are ever looking for a stylist I highly recommend her.  

Janet D.

10,000 Degrees